My Story with Osteoporosis

I was diagnosed with severe Osteoporosis in 2011. Other than offering medication that I would not take, the doctors didn’t have much to offer me and I was pretty much in denial for the first two years. I then got very serious in 2013 when my bone density was even lower. I started working with a Naturopath, taking supplements, eating right etc. Two years later- I was worse, again!! Still the doctors only offer medications that do not work in the long term so I continued to study, research, trained to teach yoga for OP, consulted, read more, learned more and so on. In one year, I had a 7% increase in bone density using natural approaches alone. This is a significant improvement!!! I had a bit of a regression again this year, although I’m still ahead.


What I have learned is that improving Osteoporosis is an ongoing, lifelong process. So again I returned to the research and discovered new, exciting approaches to dealing with Osteoporosis. Although the research and learning will continue, I am ready to share this knowledge with others who are given this scary diagnosis. Actually, I feel a strong calling to do this work. Each man or woman with bone loss should be well informed about all the possible treatments, especially the ones that involve working with your whole body. So:


On January 20th I am offering my first 4 hour workshop on all things Osteoporosis. This will entail lots of education and discussion followed by gentle, adaptable yoga postures that are safe and help to build bone density, balance and strength. I will also begin OP yoga classes weekly and I will be taking folks on an Osteoporosis retreat at Angels’ Rest Retreat Center in Leyden, MA April 6-8th. I’d also really like to bring my workshop to other areas!! If there is a place to host the workshop, I am ready to travel to reach folks who need the information.